Childress, Texas



640 Acres - $640,000

Located northeast of Childress, TX, this deer haven has been left alone for a year to prepare it for sale. Mesquite trees cover the property offering wildlife unbelievable amounts of cover. High plains drop off toward  a creek running through the center of the property. With all of the elevation changes this property has to offer, hunters can cast views toward hundreds of unbelievable acres of incredible deer cover. Deer, turkey, and quail find refuge every corner of the property. Two ponds are also located on the property and hold water allowing for cattle and wildlife the chance to drink among cover.

A corral in the southeast corner of the property offer ranchers the opportunity to gather their herd and multiple stock tanks give an unlimited water supply. Electricity has been run to the west end of the property offering a location for a campsite and shelter.

This property has been priced fairly at $1,000 an acre. It is in incredible condition as the owners have prepared it for a year of absolutely no grazing in order to get it sold.