Childress, Texas



480 Acres - $480,000

Located east of Childress, TX this 480 acres is an oasis to wildlife. In an area surrounded by farm ground, wildlife will flock to this oasis of prairie grass and timber. With a creek running along the north border of the property and pond toward the south end of the property, any type of wildlife can be found within its borders. A large productive windmill also gives cattle and wildlife a drink in the central part of the property.  

Ducks and geese were flushed off of the pond during the viewing and turkeys greeted us at the front gate. Many deer were spotted and there have been some large bucks taken by lease hunters recently. It has been said that last year was one of the best quail seasons in recent memory in Childress County. This property with all of its cover provides ample amounts of acreage for multiple coveys of Blues and Bobs.

The property has a corral for cattle near the windmill and stock tank giving a rancher a good spot when the time comes to gather the herd. Electricity has also been run to the property for a camp to be set up for ear round shelter.

In order to get the property ready to sell, the owners have not run cattle on it. In its pristine condition, the property is ready to be viewed and priced fairly at $1,000 an acre.